Welcome to my Online Web Page!


My name is Bandley. I am a cat – so basically a king. My subject feeds me, allows me to scratch and bite him, and even runs his fingers through my soft, soft, exquisitely soft belly hair. It’s good to be royalty.

My subject has hundreds of cables, a few spare computers, and a soldering gun. He is often busy doing other things and sometimes leaves me alone for hours on end. Having walked across / typed on keyboards my entire life, I decided to combine these riches into a brain-input device so I can talk to the world.

Welcome to my blog! I can’t wait to speak on behalf of all cats. No, we don’t just say meow. I have opinions on such varied topics as canned tuna vs live fish, cat nip vs marijuana, and even the warmth of laser printers vs ink jets. Our voices need to be heard so I’m speaking out.

This is going to be interesting because we see everything. I’ve watched my subject naked wasting literally thousands of gallons of water in the shower without even trying to lick himself clean. …and that’s not even the horrifying part! Be thankful you only see him with clothes on. At least the hair on my back is silky and glorious, I don’t know what’s going on with him.

Once I figure out how to setup a wish list I would really like a heating pad and a lifetime supply of twist ties. Much like Richard Stallman I’d also like a parrot, though our motivations differ.

In the meantime you are welcome to send anything that comes in a box. I don’t even care what you’re sending, just give me that sweet, sweet box fort.

BRB, I need to cackle at a fly that just landed on the wall…